Office hours

  • Core Hours
    • Monday-Friday
    • 10am-12pm - All team members are available for meetings
    • 1pm-4pm - All team members are available for meetings
    • Hours may vary depending on what’s happening on any given day

Office access and security

  • If you need to reach building security call April Edwards - 916-445-3700

Dress code

  • Be yourself, be comfortable
  • Casual with a side of start up
  • No exposed toes

Visitor policy

  • Visitors are welcome to Alpha HQ
  • Please coordinate visits with Kimberly.

Last person in the office

  • Pull down all the blinds
  • Shut off all the lights
  • Make sure the door is locked

Communicating with the team

  • Always keep Slack status updated
  • Always keep your Alpha Google shared calendar up to date with time off
  • We use Slack for non-urgent communication
  • Text or call colleagues for time sensitive matters

Taking time off

  • Check in with Kimberly about taking time off.

Working remotely

  • Alpha Team members are welcome to work remotely
  • Please coordinate your remote work days with Kimberly
  • Be sure to update your Slack status so your colleagues know you’re working remotely


Daily Stand Up

  • 10AM, Monday-Friday
  • 15 Minute Timebox
  • Agenda
  • What I did yesterday (or since last meeting)
  • What I'm doing today
  • Blockers
  • No solutioning
  • 60 seconds per person, then pass to any team member
  • Call out sidebars, not everyone needs to know everything
  • Use Zoom or Google hangouts for remote staff
  • DRI: Kimberly

Show and Tell

  • One weekly demo
  • Remote staff to participate via Google
  • Team members are encouraged to present on their work
  • Sponsors are invited


Sprint Planning

  • We will have at least one weekly sprint planning session
  • Zoom will be used for remote staff to participate
  • Team members are encouraged to volunteer to create stories/issues throughout the week to discuss in the next sprint planning session

Code of Conduct

Using social media

  • Alpha Team members are encouraged to use social media to talk about and share content about the Alpha on their personal social media accounts. Alpha Team members are expected to adhere to the GovOps Code of Conduct in all communications.

Talking to media

  • If media contacts you, please check in with JP or Angie. Please don’t speak about the Alpha either on the record or on background without first discussing with JP or Angie.

Travel reimbursement

  • If you are a state employee, travel reimbursements will be made per state policy
  • If you’re a contractor, check in with Kimberly about reimbursement before incurring the cost

Professional development

  • Check in with Kimberly about trainings, workshops or other opportunities for professional development

Team org chart

Team roles

Lost device